Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yep, that's what the title says, faith.
I just watched the PBS special of Paul McCartney's Gershwin award at the congress in Washington.
He sang the song "Let it be".
I just today realized what the subject matter was about in that song.
He was singing about Mary in Luke's Gospel and her "Let it be" response to the Angel Gabriel at the annunciation.
So how much faith does it take to say "Let it be"?

I have reason to think that my "Let it be" comes a lot harder than it should be at times.
Patricia and I have taken on the instruction of two young women who wish to become Christian.
That was a daunting thought when I was first asked ( for Patricia as well, as I recall).
The question of my worthiness and skill as an instructor. What if I do something to mess them up? All those crazy things that go through one's mind when the devil is trying to discourage.
But we did say  yes and here we are.
The rewards as we progress in the instruction leaflets are many.
The bonus is that it is keeping me active in my own spiritual journey (something that I was getting slack at).
Tonight we were in the Baptism leaflet and we read about the gifts gained when becoming one in the family of God.
We also read that with these gifts comes responsibility. It didn't say how much responsibility though.
After a few months learning about our role as Christians and the responsibilities entrusted to us by our awesome creator we have developed new friendships that otherwise would have been unlikely because of the age gap.
Patricia and I are getting to spread the gospel's good news and we don't have to stand on a soap box on a street corner to do it. Now how cool is that?  : )


  1. I was part of this process in the early 90's... Isn't rewarding to see someone understand and also wanting to journey in the Catholic Faith...I feel that it would be even more interesting today...

  2. God is definitly leading this dance!!! These women are so full of faith, love for God and those around them. I am proud to be a part of there lives at this moment and there appetite to know more just speaks volumns to my heart. I have heard that when you give of your self for God you are richly bless, I feel that blessing when we share God with these young ladies..and how they are blessing their little families..

  3. This is what IT"S all are right in the middle of what Jesus told us to do.....march on soliders and don't grow weary in being about His business.....Prayers for you and Patricia....

  4. Thanks Partner and friends.
    It is always good to have some re-enforcement on the road.
    I'm also loving the journey.