Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grandchildren, what a riot

This weekend has been often times a funny one.
Three of our grandchildren and our daughter are visiting. The oldest is thirteen and spending as much time with a "girl-friend" as mom will allow ;)

The other two are being as close to two ogres as a six and nine year old can.
Too funny.

The youngest is Papa's helper always trying to second quess what I will need next and fetching, always fetching something.

He took up the floor broom and swept a patch of floor in my garage and wondered if I would pay him for the "work". Of course I have to fork it over now :)

The two youngest were digging in the garden like a pair of gophers when I planted the twenty eight tomatoes and then there were the cucumbers and squash to contend with.

A pair of real workaholics, well at least for about half an hour when they both wilted for all the hard digging.

The marsh mellow roasting is always on the agenda when they come. They even want to sit around the fire in winter.

It's very quiet here now with all in bed.
Little blessings zonk-out like lights at the end of a day here.


  1. Grandkids, got to be the best gift on earth :-)