Friday, June 25, 2010

Well here I am again!

I was reading a little of Isaiah's verses 49:1-6.
Issiah reminds me that God has spent the effort to create me.
He did so for a special purpose and no other can take my place.
The puzzle of it I have to unfold as the pieces come together for me day by day.

I've been thinking lately about the sharpness of the tongue and the damage it can inflict on others and on me as well.

I am the Lord's servant in whatever way he chooses to use me.
A fact I don't often think about is that I may never see the fruit of my efforts.
It is supposed to be enough for me to know that I've tried to follow the urgings of the Spirit and given the credit to God. Often times I delude myself in thinking that It was my effort and I want the credit. Oh the child is still in me!

When I read Isaiah 49:6 I am reminded of the real presence of God in Jesus come to humanity in His ultimate act of love for His created and for me too.
Why is it so difficult to see this? My day should be all about glorifying God and his wonderful works of creation.
Oh! I just remembered that I'm still a living human being, imperfect and not sure if I should take that thought seriously.

It seems and feels like familiar territory.

There now ,that is enough thinking for one day.

Ta Ta for now.


  1. You've been busy! I see you got the hang of the new design templates in short order as I knew you would :-)
    Echo your thoughts here, seems I'm always fighting with my inner kid!

  2. Yea when in doubt slug it out with the kid. I can always bash myself pretty well

  3. Too well, your inner kid doesn't deserve it :-)

  4. Awwww!! Little children, isn't that what God says we should be like...?? I quess we are right were God wants us.. :))

  5. Good one
    Remember how I always say that I'm 60 going on 6?