Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's really in the garden?

I was thinking about the great multitude of things that occupy a person's waking hours and how oblivious I can be about it all.
I get a great deal of pleasure walking about the property we have carved our home out of, especially the garden and all the plants that have taken up habitation there.
I had mentioned in an earlier post that humanity tends to be tedious about where what should or should not exist. I am happily being one such control freak.

Of all the many beautiful occupants of our garden almost all have been placed there by Patricia and me. 
Almost all?
That's right, now you know my dirty little secret. We have some very unique plants that have just appeared in our garden. One such is the Arisaema triphyllum(Jack in the pulpit).I was surprised about four years ago with this wild plant growing in the north east flower bed. No idea how it got there and no idea what it was except that it was both strange and beautiful. So it got to stay.
What does that have to do with the garden of humanity?
Well it has occurred to me that on the path of life I have been treated to some very strange people along the way. If I were to treat the strange ones like weeds they would never have a chance to occupy my space. Fortunately for me I tend to get a little weird when it comes to plants ( I once transplanted Dandelions in the vegetable garden). And that's another story.
 I can say that I've made friends with acquaintances that have been both pleasant and surprising.
Some would even say that these friendships are most unlikely and couldn't possibly last because of the vast differences in the natures we have.  None-the-less I have a varied human garden and I truly enjoy working at it. 
I have to admit that I am still somewhat biased in many ways and I ask God to look in on me once in a while and make adjustments as necessary, so that my garden can accommodate an even wider variety of beautiful souls for my pleasure. That sounds so selfish when I read it but I want to be able to enjoy the company of as diversified a pool of friends as Jesus had during His short ministry.

It's a tall order but I think with practice it can be a reality for me as well as all of humanity someday.


  1. Well, Francois...I must say you are good with the pen and the reflection! I really enjoy your blog so make me think...which seen to be a hard thing for me to do these days...Keep it up my man! Keep it up!

  2. love this post, so well said and so true. I see this in you so clearly, how you have such a wide range of friends in your life...something this introvert finds a little overwhelming but thank God for you wonderful people persons gardeners :-) Me, I have to limit the extent of my garden cause I'm not a very good gardener you know :-)

  3. I may help in the garden, but I like things that come back every year and I don't have to fuss with, and I definitly do not like weeding. So is my life, an introvert who likes to deal very little with socializing with others expecially with new ones. Thanks God he as other plans, always putting others in my life. I have beautiful friends, cause God intervenes. :)

  4. Being an introvert does pose a few problems as far as getting out and associating with other people but it isn't the end of the line, especially when God has other plans:)