Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saying goodbye

This past week has been a harried one for this neck of the woods.

We lost one of our cherished aunts.
Only fifty nine years old and still so full of life this woman body was ravaged by cancer.

Our daughter was very emotional over this favored aunt and, unable to say what was in her heart, wrote a beautiful piece that reminded me that one never does enough while the living we care so much for are still with us.
In her writhing she mentioned neglecting to take the time to go pay her a visit, always too busy, to many other things to take care of and now the guilt that is associated with that knowledge.

As I ponder my daughter's words I have to reflect on my own behavior toward those I consider good company and why I don't always take time to keep in touch.
To take friends for granted is far too easy and I get comfortable thinking I will get to it later.

Well sometimes later is too late and then guilt settles in for a devastating tour of duty.
I see it in our daughter and I have to stand there and watch as grief tears at her heart. Except to give comfort at this time I'm helpless to her in her grief.
I come from a very large extended family (numbering in the one hundred and forty first cousins) and keeping track of so many names and faces is nearly impossible, except for internet technology,
It is true that an E-mail isn't the same as a face to face with a person but it is so much better than what we had even twenty years ago when I was "too busy" to take up pen and paper.
We lost not only an aunt but a good friend as well..

I have nothing but fond memories of this beautiful lady( who happens to be younger than me) and I will remember both uncle Joe and aunt Cheryl  with a smile in my heart.

May they both rest in peace with our Lord and Savior in eternity.


  1. I think if the friendship and love is mutual then they know our hearts towards them and carry it with them no matter the time or distance...she was exceptional and she knows she was loved & valued.

  2. I am sorry for your loss.

    This does give me pause to think of the family and friends I do not take the time to keep in touch with. It is too easy to let the moments slip by.