Monday, August 2, 2010

Which one is the anchor??

This is the same tree that appears on my page top.
It is situated smack in the middle of a stream bed just below the beautiful waterfall you see in the background.
I was looking at it this morning and it occurred to me that it makes a good representation of what a relationship should look like under the care and guidance of God.
When I look at the tree with its roots hugging the rock I wonder; is the rock the anchor for the tree so that the spring waters don't uproot it and take it for a ride downstream, or is the tree holding the rock in such a manner that the swift spring water doesn't roll it downstream?
I see our relationships in like fashion. When one is in despair the other can be the anchorage that supports and sustains that one until the other can regain strength to continue on the journey.
I am fortunate that my God is a patient and benevolent God and has seen fit to grace me with many good friends on my journey. During the troubled times of my life I have been blessed with someone to share the burden that life inevitably brings, and none more present than my life partner Patricia. But equally graced is my history with opportunities to be helpful to others in need of a helping hand for their moments of disparage as life deal with them.

And so the question remains, " Which one is the anchor?"


  1. maybe they both are, each anchoring one another...

  2. Good answer Brenda. The one that makes the best partnership!
    Didn't take you long to figure that one out.

  3. Blessings of community as it should be!!

  4. Love this analogy......I think it's definitely the way God intended marriage to be....
    Beautiful picture.....

    I don't know how my picture ended up on your followers twice...I'm sorry.....

  5. I think the rock is the anchor and the tree grew around it because it recognized the strong hold of the rock ...Like for most of us God is our rock...and we are holding on for our life!

  6. I think Simonne is right, God is the rock our anchor. We are hanging on to each other as we hand on to God the rock...other wise we would end up in down the stream fast...:))