Saturday, September 18, 2010

what is a papa?

We had our grand daughter and her Cousin over for the weekend. They had planned a surprise for Papa.
When they got up this morning they were ready to start on Papa's surprise, even before breakfast! Uh Uh Papa eats breakfast, no ifs, and or buts.
This special surprise involved giving me a Shoulder massage, foot massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and of course the wonderful face makeover. I had a pretty good idea that I would be treated royally and pampered by these two little eight year old ladies.

The shoulder rub and foot massage with lotion were to relax me(so I was told) and they asked often if I was relaxed.

I had to choke back laughter constantly and poor Patricia lost it several times especially when she saw the pink ears being clipped on to the hair I don't have. I thought she would split from the laughter.

Look at that color coordination on the hands and feet! Cool or what?
The whole thing took place with my eyes closed. I was not allowed to peek even a little! Can you guess why? Who says there aren't miracles these days. Look at the transformation!

All in all today must have been a blast for these two.They made me almost too pretty for words : )

You must click on the pictures for the full effect. It is priceless.

So what do you think, do these two little ones have a future in the salon business?


  1. Now ! This is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Saw these first on Facebook, What a doll :-) Been there done that, only I do have hair and every sprig of it would up in elastics, barrettes or some other gadget. My make up looked much like yours as did my manie/peddie, they must have all attended the same beauty school :-) Did you get the hot wax on the hands treatment, it's a must not miss :-)

  3. It was much more fun just watching and taking pictures. as Francois said, I did lose it a couple of times, but mostly the pink and white kitty hair pins done me in. My insides still do quite a flip just thinking about it. What a weekend with those too...:)))My daughter Nicole, " how did they get away with doing that, i could never do that to my father when I was there age." and she is right, Francois has softenedn alot, especially with the pink ears and the finger nail polish... Guess that is what grandkids do to you, just melt your heart..