Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where is heaven?

I read a post on face book yesterday "Heaven is wherever Jesus is."
That got me to thinking. Jesus lives in humanity (you and me).
If heaven is where Jesus is then I am in deep doo doo.
This is because He promised us the Holy Spirit Guide (Himself) would in-dwell us (humanity).

That makes me the dwelling place of Jesus, which means that heaven is in me.
It has occurred to me that my dwelling place is a bit on the shabby side and run down.
I have allowed much clutter to encroach this dwelling that is reserved by my creator.
It's funny how such a benign statement can set my mind to thinking, and how much insight can be gleaned from the experience.
God desires to be part of my life. He stands patiently by while I hem and haw about letting Him in.
I am still amazed at how gently God comes to me and urges me on this spiritual path.
A personal relationship with God at one time scared me. Today it scares me to think that I might lose this personal care God has for me.
I would have to completely reject God for that to happen.
No not today, I think I'll hang on for the long haul. Too much is riding on my becoming more deeply aware of God in my life.


  1. As I read your blog these words came to me: "Heaven is the blink of the eye away". That is awesome to me and gives me peace to think that my maker is so near with open arms, if I but believe, trust and repent when I screw up.. Can't ask for anything better then that.:) blessings patricia

  2. I have missed your thought provoking posts...it's good to be back....

    I think we all share the issue of not taking care of the temple we have been given......I often think the Holy Spirit must be saying let me out of here...but being the gracious one He is, He hangs around and continues to speak in that still soft voice that way too often I disregard....

    Thanks for the reminder....