Sunday, November 14, 2010

Different art form

Since I last posted I seem to have gone to the desert, spiritually.
This isn't so rare for me. 

Every day I read the blogs I follow and this week I realized that all these are art related and full of great stuff.
Well since I can't seem to get into a reflective mode I started thinking of the art aspect of my life and so it led me to look through my picture albums. Here is what I consider an attempt at art of a different sort.


This motorcycle is the brainchild of a friend of mine, Dave and the collaboration of three friends Dave, Norman and myself on weekends to produce what Dave's imagination saw as the bike of his dreams.

It is a Honda front end married to a Volkswagen rear chassis. The metal work was done with the help of a four inch pipe and two "c" clamps on picnic table!
At each step of construction we tweaked the individual parts until he said; "that's exactly what I pictured in my mind."

The paint work was done by a young man starting out in the trade. As you may have guessed Dave, the owner is a fire fighter and proud to show it throughout his travels.
Dave did all the decorations and pinstripes.The bike has traveled across Canada and back and has accumulated over 70,000 kilometers over the past seven years.


  1. I'll tell you what that is one impressive piece of artwork! I know you have several other forms of art as well. Your mind is a whirl of ideas and where your brain goes your abilities follow :-)

  2. Hey! I've seen the art form in the way you tiled your kitchen floor! And if I remember well..the way you did your hard floor....How about your stairs going to the second floor.... all art to me!

  3. This is definitely a piece of art work.....creativity takes shape in so many forms...Just look at what God did in seven days.

    Francois, you keep us on our toes......

  4. Some of my biggest inspiration
    comes from the "art" of creative nurses,
    mechanics, carpenters, leaders and
    All of life....everything we can do an art form.
    Living and loving and even dying well
    are an art, I think.
    One of my dearest dreams
    is to finely craft the art
    of abiding in the vine
    ...of staying grafted into the
    One whose yoke is easy and light.
    That, accomplished, has to be
    one of the most beautiful expressions
    of art ever seen
    here on this planet of ours.
    I hope to see it worked in me
    I think asking is a big key there.
    Love the way you're thinking...