Monday, January 12, 2015

Look at what's been found!

A few weeks ago I was informed by a dear friend that she had run across my old blog. I went looking for it out of curiosity and what I found surprised me. As I read the entries in that blog I saw that I had entered into a desert both in my spiritual journey and my posts.

That was four years ago! Now I know that there are going to be times that I will be in that desert experience, but a four year stint is a bit of a stretch.

Actually after reading those lost blog entries I got an uplift from it. It's like I left a message to myself in a time capsule in case I got to what I might consider being lost in the smoke.

I went through every entry and the accompanying comments and I have resolved to begin my weekly posts once more. Who knows, perhaps this is one of those venues that God has placed at my disposal to serve his purpose. I also went through some of the blogs I had been following and I realized that I've been depriving myself of some great material.

I am considering a few subjects that might be of interest to others simply because they are what life is all about for all of us.


  1. My life has felt desert-ish of late...praying for some clean fresh rain to pour down.

    Glad your back!